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How can I register for Spoilercon 2022?

Head over to our Registration page.

Will there be an alternative ticket price to register for the online event?

No. This year we are concentrating on making the in person event the best that we can. So there will be no online version of the event. 

What is Spoilercon?

Spoilercon is an annual event that celebrates the Wheel of Time Spoilers podcast and its fan community. It’s a chance to meet other members of the community, talk Wheel of Time, and enjoy beautiful Portland Oregon.

First-time readers, please be aware - during this Con spoilers about the Wheel of Time books and TV show will be fully unrestrained. 

What are the dates and details for Spoilercon 2022?

Spoilercon 2022 will be held Sept 23-25 in Portland, Oregon at the University Place Hotel & Conference Centre.

How do I access and bid in the Silent Auction?

The online Silent Auction has returned for 2022. We are once again donating all proceeds to Books to Prisoners. 


Check out the Silent Auction page for all the information that you need. Please note that the auction is only for Spoilercon ticket holders. If you haven't yet, buy a ticket now so you can particpate. 

Can I get a refund on my 2022 registration if my circumstances change?

We will not be offering refunds on any registration fees or donations for the 2022 event.

How will COVID-19 risk be safely managed at the in-person event?

We will be requiring that everyone who registers to attend Spoilercon 2022 in Portland, Oregon has had their full set of COVID-19 vaccinations. Aside from requiring vaccinations, we will also ask everyone to kindly wear a face mask at all times, (except in your room, or while eating and drinking), and adhere to personal hygiene. Complimentary hand sanitiser will be available. Please also understand that these requirements are subject to change.

What’s the benefit of attending Spoilercon in person?

There are lots of reasons to attend Spoilercon in-person in Portland! If you are able to travel to Oregon, you can look forward to 

  • Excellent chats with fellow WoT fans

  • Shared meals, drinks, and activities at the venue

  • Some very exciting in-person events that will be announced soon. Keep and eye on the Events page for information hot off the press

How can I get from the Airport to the Hotel?

The in-person con is being held at the University Place Hotel & Conference Centre, 310 SW Lincoln Street, Portland. 

If you are flying in for the weekend, here are a few great ways to travel there from the airport:

  • Public Transport - Max Light Rail is an easy train to take in Portland. Get on "red line" at the airport to "Pioneer Square."  You can then transfer to either the orange, yellow or green Max line to "PSU"
    See the Trimet website for fares, timetables, and other information

  • Carpooling - We have set up a carpooling site for those who need or can offer rides to and from the airport

  • Uber and other rideshare companies operate in Portland. 

Other than the above,  please do let us know if you require assistance or a pick up from the airport and we will arrange for one of our brilliant volunteers to help you. 

Can my children attend Spoilercon?

Spoilercon is an adults-only event. You must be at least 18 years old to participate, both in-person and online. 

Did you record events from Spoilercon 2020 Online?

Yes! View the fun times here.

Do you have anything else I can watch to get excited about Spoilercon 2022?

Check out the last three years of Cons past here.

I am interested in volunteering to help out at Spoilercon 2022. How can I register for this role?

Fantastic! There is an option to put your hand up for this when registering, for both the online and in person events. This is the best way to let us know. We will then reach out to volunteers in due course with more information.

Is this basically JordanCon on the west coast?

No. While we will have lots of great events, opportunities to meet in person and virtually to chat with awesome people, and discussions of all things Wheel of Time, our event is much smaller than Jordancon, and not as broad in scope. All fans of the Wheel of Time are welcome to register and attend, however.

Where can I view the full Terms and Conditions for Spoilercon?

The glorious entirety of our terms and conditions may be viewed here.

I have another question that I don’t see here. How can I get in touch with the Planning Committee?

No problem. Check out our contact page for this information.

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