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Here’s the information you need to access all the goodies we have prepared for the online silent auction this year. 

We are encouraging all attendees to register on AirAuctioneer a couple of days prior to the Con - you don't have to but it will make your experience smoother. 

How it works

From the opening of the auction

  1. Grab the auction password from the Spoilercon Discord server (TBD)

  2. Head to the Auction page and input the password to browse all of the glorious items (TBD)

  3. When you want to bid on an item, if you are not already signed in you will be prompted to sign in or register

  4. Place your bids throughout the weekend - we have allowed proxy bidding too. The auction will be open between 6pm Friday 23 Sept and 10am Sunday 25 Sept. 

  5. Once closed, payment of your donation goes directly and securely to the Planning Committee account.

  6. You will be sent several different emails throughout the open period notifying you of:

    • Your bidding status i.e. confirmation of your bid being placed (other than for automated proxy bids), and a notification when you are outbid;

    • If you win any bids; and,

    • Payment completion confirmation.

IMPORTANT - During the week after the Con, the Auction Coordinator will notify each donor of who won their item/s, and then the donor will contact winners individually to provide shipping costs. Shipping costs are in addition to the bid price and are payable by the winner to the donors. The cost will be based on the address of each winner, postage service, and weight of the item.  

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